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Makes my work fun and enjoyable...





Now, no one is perfect.  We try to be, tho'.  But if something comes up, it's the response that separates

the old pros from the others. Please, PLEASE, let me know.  Don't stew on calling / not calling.  Just pick

up the phone without hesitation.   And  rest assured,  no matter is too trivial.   I understand  completely,

as I'm the same way with my own lawn.


I'm happy to do work for you, and even more happy to talk with you and get your input.

We can discuss billing & payment options when we go over your estimate.

We use VENMO, PayPal, and accept cash and check.         


Here is a sample invoice, and my info sheet I hand out to new clients.


In the end, time and money are nice.   But that really is secondary to why I do this.   It gives me a good 

 feeling inside when  I walk away and,  looking  back,  see that beautiful  lawn I just groomed.   It's about

 doing good job and receiving immediate satisfaction. 

I couldn't ask for anything better.  So please drop me a line if you'd like to work with us.  I'd love to hear   

hear from you.  Thank you!   




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